Global digital camera shipments to grow 40% in 2022, with high-end mirrorless cameras leading way

According to Nihon Keizai Shimbun website published on Feb. 3, Japan Camera and Imaging Equipment Manufacturers Association (CIPA) released data on Feb. 1 stating that global shipments of digital cameras in 2022 will increase by 39% compared to from 2021, an increase of 39% to 681.2 billion yen, exceeding previous year for two consecutive years. The popularity of high quality mirrorless cameras is growing and they are becoming mainstream in market.

Mirrorless camera shipments rose 31% to 4.07 million units, while shipments increased 61% to 523.4 billion yen. It surpassed DSLRs and compact cameras in terms of shipments, taking over half of market for first time. New products released by various companies focus on mirrorless cameras.

Total digital camera shipments fell 4% to 8.01 million units, hitting an all-time low and declining for five consecutive years. Influenced by popularization of smartphones, etc., digital camera market continued to decline and fell by about one-fifteenth of its peak value in 2010 (121.46 million units).

In terms of types, cameras with integrated lenses such as compacts decreased by 31% to 2.08 million, while interchangeable lens cameras such as DSLRs and mirrorless cameras increased by 11% to 5.92 million units.

Source: reference news network