Difference between digital camera and reflex camera

When buying a camera, many people don't know how to choose a good camera. Is it a DSLR or a digital camera? Here we come to introduction of difference between digital cameras and SLR cameras?

Difference between digital camera and reflex camera

Difference between digital camera and DSLR:

1. The structure is different

According to research, DSLRs and conventional digital cameras are two completely different systems. SLR cameras can see image exposed on film from viewfinder and fundamentally solve problem of pixel difference. The digital camera uses CCD photosensitive mode, and user can see image to be taken on LCD screen, so there is no problem such as pixel difference. Therefore, from this point of view, they are equivalent.

Second, shutter problem

Regular digital cameras are enough for everyday users to photograph this trip, but its shutter speed is extremely important for photographers who have higher demands and must adapt to harsh conditions of shooting. It is very important to keep fastest shutter speed possible. about 1/1000 second, while fastest shutter speed of digital SLR can easily reach 1/10000 second.

Difference between digital camera and reflex camera

Third, lens is different

When it comes to DSLRs, many people say they support a variety of lenses, and some say biggest difference between DSLRs and regular DSLRs is that one lens can be interchanged while other can't, but it's not absolute, some digital cameras can also change lens, but this is only supported by a small number of digital cameras.

Difference between digital camera and reflex camera

Fourthly, various photosensitive materials

Most DSLRs use 2/3 full-frame photosensitive material, and some high-end products have a full-frame format (i.e. same size as 35mm film) that is often larger than a CCD. used by conventional digital cameras. It is several times larger, so digital SLRs generally have very little noise, while conventional digital cameras have much worse noise isolation.

The above is difference between a digital camera and a DSLR. Friends who don't know how to choose a camera can choose from above points. Hope this article can help everyone.