Classification of digital cameras.

Digital cameras have become one of hottest items, and DSLRs are no longer just for professionals. It is very important for photography enthusiasts to understand some basic knowledge in order to learn digital SLR photography. Next, I will introduce classification of digital cameras, system features, advantages, positioning and points of purchase of digital SLR cameras. For reference and analysis.

1. Home Camera

2. Camera Map

3. Digital Camera Telephoto

4. Digital SLR Camera

Household cameras. There is no specific definition for consumer cameras in traditional sense, and they are usually suitable for shooting family portraits and everyday travel. Typical models: Canon A series and Sony W series.

Card Camera: Small size, relatively light body and ultra-thin stylish design are main criteria for measuring a card camera. Although they are not powerful, their ultra-thin shape, standard configuration and most basic exposure compensation function, area and spot metering modes make them useful in field of photography. Photographers can also capture good work with basic screen exposure controls, combined with adjustments to parameters such as color, sharpness, and contrast. Representative models: Sony T series, Casio Z series, etc. belong to this area.

Telephoto digital camera: The telephoto digital camera is a model with a large optical zoom ratio. The larger optical zoom ratio, farther scene can be shot. The principle of operation of a telephoto lens is similar to a telescope: focal length is changed by moving lens inside lens. When shooting distant scenes or when you don't want to get in way of your subject, benefits of telephoto come into play. In addition, longer focal length, shallower depth of field, that is, larger aperture, shallower depth of field. The advantage of a shallow depth of field is to bring out subject and blur background. Many photographers like to achieve a deep foreground effect, which can make a photograph look more professional. Typical models: Panasonic FZ50, Fuji S2000HD and so on.

Digital SLR camera. Digital SLR, full name is Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, abbreviated as DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). A digital SLR camera refers to a camera that uses a viewfinder with a single lens to capture a scene. in front of camera. Typical models: Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, etc. (I use Canon 6D2)

Advice. DSLRs are bulky and have a wide range of lenses, making them not easy to carry around. And manufacturing complexity of camera is great, and price is high. Therefore, novice photographers should choose their camera carefully.