Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

As a photographer, you will surely come across many friends who will ask questions about buying a camera. For example, “Which camera can I buy with a budget of XXXX yuan?”, “I want to buy a model XXX camera, how about that?” and so on. When we discuss cameras on a daily basis, we cannot avoid camera options, so in today's article, we will share with you what to look for when buying a camera and what aspects you should consider when choosing a camera. camera that suits you.


When choosing a camera, first thing to consider is pixel, and this parameter is often talked about. Many people even equate a pixel with image quality, thinking that a high pixel means high image quality. Camera savvy users know that there are many criteria for measuring image quality, and pixels are just one of them.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

If you go to or Taobao and search for cameras, you will see that regular cameras are still around 20 to 30 million pixels, while a small number of high-resolution cameras and flagship cameras will exceed 40 million pixels. For home users or photography enthusiasts, 20-30MP regular cameras can fully meet needs of daily shooting. After all, most of our daily photos are posted on social networks, so a 20MP camera is more than enough. Even when shooting 4K video, 12 million pixels can meet demand, so there is no need to worry about lack of pixels.

Currently, high resolution cameras are used in market, mainly for users with higher image requirements, such as commercial shooting. High camera pixels place higher demands on lens to match camera and computer performance at a later stage. For photography lovers, just choose product that suits you according to your budget and shooting needs and you don't have to get too hung up on high pixels.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

In addition to pixels, image quality is affected by size of camera's sensor. There is also a saying in photographers' circle that "the bottom is bigger than bottom", that is, larger sensor size, better image quality, color level and camera tolerance.

Currently, mainstream mirrorless cameras on market mainly use APS-C size sensors and 35mm full frame sensors. Although APS-C frame sensor is smaller than 35mm full-frame sensor, with improvement of image technology and processor algorithm, color level and detail of photos taken with APS-C frame sensor at low sensitivity are also good for everyday shooting. However, in terms of high-sensitivity image quality and breadth, there is still a gap with full-frame aspect ratio.

Currently, APS-C format cameras are mainly positioned as entry-level and mid-range devices. With good video performance, they are first choice of many entry-level users and vlog users. Full-frame cameras are positioned at quasi-professional and professional level, with better image quality and more professional video capabilities, but price is certainly higher.


If pixels are related to quality of a camera, then focus plays a crucial role in everyday shooting.

Focus depends on whether photo is clear or not, and on subject you want to convey. At present, performance and focusing capabilities of most mirrorless cameras are very good. Due to transformation of structure, focusing speed and accuracy of mirrorless cameras are higher than traditional DSLRs in terms of focusing ability. But this does not mean that focusing performance of digital SLR cameras is bad, this is only conditional.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

For many beginners, camera has an excellent autofocus capability that can satisfy most scenes. The final photos will be mostly in focus and basic shooting speed can also be guaranteed.

For cameras currently, most representative focusing systems are Sony's 4D focusing system and Canon's dual-core focusing system, which perform well in both video and still photography. While other manufacturers' focus systems aren't as good as Canon's and Sony's, they're quite capable of meeting needs of everyday shooting.


"Appearance is justice", this sentence is no exception in chamber.

From DSLRs to modern mirrorless cameras, black has always been primary camera color. Firstly, it makes camera discreet, and secondly, it gives it a professional look. Although camera has always been dominated by black, design and lines of body can still make camera "beautiful".

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

When choosing a camera, in addition to brand, appearance of camera is also one of reasons why you like to take it, especially for many female users, "good appearance" is an important criterion when choosing a camera. camera. With rise in popularity of mirrorless cameras, some manufacturers have also released high-priced retro-styled products. The latter have an all-white body color instead of stereotypical black camera color, and there are more options.

Besides look, weight of camera also affects how you shoot it. If parameters of two cameras are similar, it is recommended to choose a lighter one, because weight of camera during long shooting is also a big problem, and a lighter product is obviously more convenient to carry.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

Video features

With popularity of short videos and vlogs, camera video capabilities have become one of key features of manufacturers. The fact that camera shoots video well is also a sign that camera is not bad in other ways. If you have a need for video shooting when you buy a camera, whether camera supports 4K video, whether it supports upscaling, etc., all this must be determined according to theme and needs of your video shooting.

However, first thing you should pay attention to when choosing is whether you know how to shoot video, because in addition to pre-shooting video, post-editing is also a lot of work. So still from a practical point of view.

Specify your needs and choose right camera

We have briefly explained some of recommendations for buying a camera above, so how do you choose a camera?

Whether you ask a friend who understands photography or search Internet, answer you will get is basically: "Find out your needs and buy camera that suits you best." So which is right for you and what are your needs?

Many users who are new to photography or who have just bought a camera find it difficult to determine what they want to shoot and what their real needs are. So how do you determine your needs?

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

If you're buying a camera to record your life, for everyday users, everyday shooting is nothing more than portraits and landscapes. Portrait photos include your family, relatives or friends, and landscapes are nothing but beautiful landscapes taken in park, landscapes taken during a trip, etc. Modern cameras can mostly meet these shooting needs, so just choose right camera and lens to suit your budget.

If you think photography is fun and you plan to learn how to take photos, then you need to think carefully about choosing a camera. Nowadays, many people fall in love with photography because mobile phones are so convenient for taking photos. After a long time, they are not satisfied with taking photos with mobile phones, so they pay attention to cameras.

Such users need to understand that photos taken by mobile phone are result of setting artificial intelligence algorithm in car and results of processing various photography applications, which look very beautiful. But camera will only show most original colors of photos, and pictures taken at beginning will look no better than those taken by mobile phones.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

Secondly, photos taken by camera need to be processed by software such as Photoshop and Lightroom to show best performance. Post-processing and pre-shooting are complementary processes, and they also need to be learned.

Thirdly, this is content of shooting. To systematically teach photography, it is also necessary to take into account artistic elements when shooting and express your ideas through beautiful shots, so improving aesthetics is also a necessary homework.

After clarifying these needs, choose according to your favorite shooting scene, whether landscape, portrait or documentary, and then choose camera and lens that suits you.

Recommended camera:

·Fuji X-E4

Reference price: 6999 yuan

Fuji X-E4 has an attractive appearance and high image quality. In designing, Fuji has reduced size of camera, and portability is excellent. For those who love street photography and record life handheld, Fuji X-E4 is their first choice. For girls who pay attention to beauty of a camera, Fuji X-E4 should not be missed.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

Image quality is foundation of a camera. The Fuji X-E4 uses APS-C format and a fourth-generation 26.1-megapixel X-Trans CMOS sensor. 26.1 million pixels provide excellent image quality, fully meeting needs of daily shooting. In focusing system, Fuji X-E4 uses 425 AF points, uses a hybrid contrast-detection and phase-detection AF system, and has ability to focus in low light at -7EV.

Fuji X-E4 features a 3-inch 1.62 million-pixel display with 180-degree swivel on back.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

The FUJIFILM X-E4 is also equipped with 18 FUJIFILM-exclusive film-simulating color styles and has many custom functions such as adjusting color brightness, blue tone brightness, and curved highlights and shadows. The camera has more color customization options, which enriches camera's gaming experience, and also allows users to customize color according to their own preferences, highlighting their unique color style and personality.

·Nikon Z50

Reference price: 6749 yuan

The Nikon Z50 uses an APS-C format sensor with a resolution of 20.9 million pixels, which provides a very sharp image. The camera's continuous shooting speed can reach 11 frames per second, but continuous shooting time is not too long. The camera has 209 phase focus points, as well as eye focus. It supports 4K 30P video without cropping, as well as the ability to shoot 120P upscaling video in Full HD.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

The Nikon Z50 screen can be rotated back 180 degrees. This is first Nikon screen to support 180-degree tilt, which is great for everyday shooting. It is very useful for shooting vlog, especially for selfies. Interface, camera has a microphone interface, using USB 2.0 interface, but also supports USB charging.

Nikon Z50 is truly a mini professional mirrorless camera. It is very small in size and has obvious weight advantages. Compared to most APS-C format cameras on market, it has great advantages. In addition, high sensitivity, noise reduction and image sharpness of this camera are excellent, which satisfies professional users. Also great is video capture capability, which is enough to meet needs of current VLOG users.

·Canon EOS RP

Reference price: RMB 7999

The Canon EOS RP is second camera in EOS R system after Canon moved to full-frame mirrorless cameras. This is a camera for entry-level full-frame camera users. upgrading to full frame is a good choice. At present, its price is 8099 yuan, which is considered a very obvious price advantage in current market.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you
Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you
Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

The Canon EOS RP has a very compact body and is a real micro camera. The Canon EOS RP has a full-frame CMOS sensor with a resolution of approximately 26.2 million pixels, full-pixel dual-core focusing technology, a total of 4,779 focus points, and a maximum continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second. In terms of video, EOS RP has 4K 25p and FHD 60p specifications, which can meet current VLOG shooting needs.

·Nikon Z5

Reference price: 9799 yuan (set)

Nikon Z5 is Nikon's third camera after entering full-frame mirrorless market and launching Z system. It is a product for entry-level full-frame users. Nikon Z5 is loved by many users for its excellent image quality, versatility and performance. Like EOS RP above, if you're looking to try out a full-frame camera or move from APS-C to a full-frame camera, Nikon Z5 is also a good choice.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you
Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you
Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

Nikon Z5 has a lightweight body design, so it is very easy to carry around every day. In terms of parameters, Nikon Z5 uses a 24.3-megapixel full-frame sensor, Expeed 6 processor design, a 5-axis anti-shake body, a 273-point focusing system, supports human eye and animal detection, and supports 4K. video recording. In addition, Nikon Z5 also features a dual card slot design and supports USB charging.

·Sony A7 III

Reference price: 13599 yuan

The Sony A7 III is also a full-frame mirrorless camera that has been around for many years. It has been upgraded to Sony A7 IV. However, thanks to premium nature of new products, Sony A7 III is still a good choice. For users, Sony A7 III is a balanced full-frame camera, so it has better performance and real-life experience. Although it is most expensive full-frame camera we present today, it is still worth it for users to take it seriously.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you
Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you
Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

The Sony A7 III features a 24.2-megapixel full-frame sensor with 15 levels of latitude performance, a 5-axis anti-shake body design with 5 levels of effect compensation, and 693 phase detection with 93% coverage. And contrast-detect 425-point focus system supports eye-detection focusing, maximum continuous shooting speed is 10 fps, can record 4K 30p video, has a dual SD card slot, and can be charged by Type-C.

Canon EOS R6

Reference price: 15999 yuan

The Canon EOS R6 features a 20.1-megapixel CMOS sensor based on Canon's flagship EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR. Equipped with updated full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF II technology, combined with high-speed sensor signal sensing and high-speed processor processing, EOS R6 can focus faster. can achieve high-speed autofocus in about 0.05 seconds.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

The focus area of ​​the EOS R6 has been enlarged to approximately 100% (vertical) x maximum 100% (horizontal) of screen. EOS R6 also supports human face, eye and head detection and focusing, and corresponding animal detection and focusing function, which can well identify eyes, face and whole body of cats, dogs, birds and other animals. animals, and improve quality of life. Animal photography success rate.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

The maximum continuous shooting speed of EOS R6 is about 12 fps when using mechanical shutter, and shutter life of EOS R6 can reach 300,000 times. When using electronic shutter, you can achieve a continuous shooting speed of 20 frames per second. The maximum number of JPEG continuous shots/maximum can reach more than 1000, even if RAW photos can reach more than 160.

Camera Buying Guide 2022 How to choose camera that suits you

For first time, EOS system features a 5-axis anti-shake system on body. Even if lens does not have an anti-shake function, body anti-shake system can be used to achieve goal. stable shooting. Combined with an RF lens with IS optical image stabilization function, lens image stabilization and body image stabilization can be coordinated and controlled to achieve highest 8-speed image stabilization compensation in industry. When shooting video, in addition to dual stabilization system, you can also use video electronic image stabilization to further enhance stability of dynamic video shooting.