Are you not using even 30% of camera's performance and still worrying about it being outdated? Which cameras can you buy with confidence?

Currently, many friends are interested in buying a camera. One of most exciting questions: will it become obsolete? After all, cameras are electronic products and there is a saying that it is better to buy new ones than old ones. But you may have overlooked question, how much can I use camera features?

A beginner won't be able to use 80% of features until you become a pro. It will be a year or two after you have mastered use of camera, during which time many new cameras will be released. So this worry is completely unnecessary.

Which cameras won't become obsolete?

In terms of price, older cameras should be much more cost-effective. The price has stabilized and can no longer go down. Should you buy old cameras? Look at it from two sides. On one hand, is it enough? Will this be an obstacle on your photo path for at least two or three years, on other hand, has price reached bottom? After all, one cannot suffer, and this can be considered correct concept of consumption. Let's see which old cameras are worth buying?

Full-frame SLR preferred

While SLR hasn't been updated for most part right now, outlook on SLR hasn't changed. While micro lenses are future, SLR is still largest group. It has a huge user base, rich products, complete peripherals, and high performance is key. If budget is small, a DSLR will still be a good choice. If you never fall behind and keep value, full frame is best choice.

Nikon D610Release date: October 2013

This camera is quite old, but it will appear every year on 618 and Double Eleven. This is oldest camera currently on sale, not one of them. When price is low, it is around 4300. If you see a brand new car for more than 4000, don't worry, just buy it. Used for several years, second-hand also price. While there are no special highlights in terms of features, this is definitely a good machine to start with.

With exception of this, price of other full frame cameras is relatively high. Another idea is to look at used ones, Nikon D750 and D810 are very cheap and more cost effective than Canon 6D2 and 5D3. .

If you have a little more budget, older models like Canon 5D4 and Nikon D850 won't be replaced for a while, so you can buy them with confidence.

Canon EOS 200D IIRelease date: April 2019

Currently, price of this camera is high, so you can wait. If you're new to photography and don't want to buy used, then EOS 200D II is a very good choice. Do not look with disgust after reading parameters, even if you are given a discontinued 80D, you will not be able to use difference. In terms of taking care of newbies, Canon is very versatile and size is still small. Some people recommend Canon mirrorless cameras, but problem is that there are so many additional EF mount lenses? It's a lot. Sometimes vast majority of enthusiasts don't need fast and accurate focusing, fast and stable continuous shooting, professional and sophisticated operation, they want ease of use.

Micro single, choose classic style

There are many options for mirrorless cameras today. Most of new products released in last one or two years are high-end models, and price for them is too high. You can consider classic models with stable prices, useful features and relatively moderate prices.

PS: Camera prices fluctuate a lot lately. The prices shown below are indicative prices for these cameras during stable period. If price falls within this range, you can consider. If price rises too much, just wait.

Nikon Z50: 5299 yuan

Published: December 2019

Recommendation index: ★★★

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Nikon APS-C Z50 entry-level mirrorless camera, high sensitivity is good, parameters are relatively balanced, continuous shooting reaches 11fps, good video function, light and compact, equipped with a 180° rotatable screen. , can be used to shoot a vlog. There are no special features, but as a handheld camera, special functions are not required. Users who like light weight may consider it.

Fuji X-T30: 6100 yuanRelease date: February 2019

Friends who like Fuji, many people are confused about whether to buy X-T30 or consider X-S10. My opinion: If you have enough budget, why not buy X-S10. It is not for lack of money that X-T30 is being considered. At first glance, X-S10 has an additional five-axis image stabilization and two additional filters. A glutton is a glutton, and difference in price is more than a thousand.

Sony A6400Release date: January 2019

This camera is currently out of stock (Sony out of stock). If you love shooting video, 6,000 yuan price should take into account focus and image quality. A6400 is still first choice. To consider both image quality and handheld stability, Panasonic GH5 is best choice. For both focusing and manual stabilization, I recommend Canon M6 II.

Sony A7R2Release date: July 2015

The Sony A7R2 is a camera with obvious advantages and disadvantages, but its advantages are very noticeable. flaw? Slow, slow continuous shooting, slow cache, this generation also has a shutter lag issue, and battery life is not great. advantage? Good image quality, 42 million ultra high pixels and Sony ultra high latitude. Of course, buying an A7R3 is smartest choice for beginners.

Sony A7S2Release date: July 2014

Very old model, previous generation Sony video artifact, 4K30P, super night scene, super high sensitivity. This is too serious.

In recent years, development of digital cameras has gone to extreme, and now you need to push limits and show performance. Manufacturers don't care if 99% of users want it or not, they just need to lead, brag and applaud. If you have enough money, let's not talk about it, just buy most expensive one, which will definitely be best.