Top 10 most popular cameras in June, which one do you like most?

There was only one star in June, and that was Nikon. To be honest, in a little over a month, market has undergone amazing changes. Those Vs in digital circle are talking about Nikon. From point of view of practitioners, Nikon has really changed, become more aware of users and become smarter.

From full marketing of 618, hype of Z5, to warm-up of over a half-moon, release of Zfc's retro mirrorless, is Nikon back in top three? One way or another, there is enough traffic, next step is to look at product, do not be like Canon, out of stock + price increase, complaints keep coming.

After looking again at entire market, 618 did not cause any disturbance. According to dealer: “Price cuts and promotions? Not enough good products to sell.” Remember what I said a few months ago? Previously, there was no price increase because there was stock, stock of whole machine and stock of parts were depleted, and no one could afford it without raising the price. No, recently different manufacturers are brewing a new round of price increases.

Top 10 most popular cameras in June, which one do you like most?

By way, there is one more piece of news worth paying attention to this month, namely, Senyan has taken all RF mount lenses off shelves, most likely due to Canon's lawsuit. That's why Tamron and Sigma haven't made RF mounts for a long time. Research and development? Maybe it's already been done.

This month's airframe sales ranking

1. Nikon Z5

2. Sony A7M3

3. Canon EOS 850D

4. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

5. Sony A7C

6. Canon EOS 6D Mark II

7. Sony A7R4

8. Canon EOS R6

9. Nikon Z6

10. Fuji X-S10

Top 10 most popular cameras in June, which one do you like most?

1. Will Nikon Z fc be on list after its release?

Not anytime soon. According to currently announced price, body is 6,499 yuan, including kits 16-50 yuan 7,599, including a 28mm lens 8,199 yuan. There are repetitions. Comparing these two machines, Fuji has better performance, anti-shake and film simulation, and lens selection space is larger, but Nikon is more beautiful. Many fans have said that Nikon is preparing for a full-frame version of Z fc. I feel that such a plan will not happen for at least a year or two.

Top 10 most popular cameras in June, which one do you like most?

2. After promotion, price of Nikon Z5 went up again, will it fall back?

It's difficult in short term, dealers don't have stock at all, and heat is so high.

3. Are DSLRs Really Dead?

Sales of new phones have plummeted, but sales of used phones have skyrocketed. Users who value cost effectiveness will have to answer a multiple-choice question. In other words, isn't it better to buy lenses with money you save?

Top 10 most popular cameras in June, which one do you like most?

4. Why are only Canon DSLRs sold?

An event is in progress. In other words, which Nikon DSLR is competitive in terms of price / performance? It turned out that many old users who were thinking about switching to D780 are now eyeing the Z5 and Z6.

Top 10 most popular cameras in June, which one do you like most?

5. They say that Sony is no longer popular, why are there still three models on list?

They are all existing customers, and Nikon and Canon have attracted many new users. By way, A1 came out and price dropped from 49,200 yuan to 48,500 yuan.

Top 10 most popular cameras in June, which one do you like most?

6. How did Fuji X-S10 end up in last place?

I must admit that advent of Nikon Z fc has had a big impact on Fuji, and many young people buy it because of their "five senses". But that's good too. The price of X-S10 is holding up for so long. The reason is nothing more than that it can't beat any rival. This month also has big news, namely Fuji's collective price increase, X-T4 increased from 11,190 yuan to 11,790 yuan, X-T3 increased from 8,490 yuan to 8,990 yuan, and X-30 increased from 5,699 yuan yuan to 5999 yuan Even X100F and X100V rose from 5599 yuan and 9290 yuan to 5999 yuan and 9790 yuan respectively. It is assumed that after some time, many users who hold currency and wait will not be able to accept it. No way, Fuji is latest brand to raise prices. The lens is expected to catch up soon, with a range of around 5%.

7. What happened to mass disappearance of expensive models?

It's expensive! Also increase price, who will buy it. The mentality of many users has changed.

By way, recently Nikon had a special event: from July 1 to August 8, when buying a Z 7II body on the official channel, you can get an FTZ mount adapter for free, as well as a free FTZ mount adapter with a purchase of Z 6II. 1 Genuine Nikon strap. Buy a Z fc and get a SanDisk 64G SD card and an Octopus tripod.