What are 4 different digital cameras? How should we choose?

As transportation becomes more and more convenient, traveling has become something we often do in our lives, but when traveling, I always feel like my mobile phone can't take pictures and I see how others use cameras The pictures taken are so beautiful, gradually we have an idea to buy a camera, but faced with so many cameras on market, we don't know how to choose which one is most suitable for us?

Actually, this problem is easy to solve. Once we have a general idea of ​​the camera, we can quickly select most suitable camera for our use. The current cameras are mainly divided into two categories. One of previous film cameras. We should not look at this, because film cameras have relatively high technical requirements. As a beginner, buying a film camera is a waste of money. The camera selection target should be set to another category - digital cameras.

What are 4 different digital cameras? How should we choose?

Current digital cameras are divided into four types, namely SLR, mirrorless single cameras, card cameras and rangefinders. Each of these four digital cameras has different specifications and prices, so if we want to buy to meet needs of digital cameras, we must first understand characteristics of these cameras and classification of some brands.

1. SLR Camera

SLR is digital camera we hear about most. In eyes of many people, SLR is a professional and expensive representative. But now DSLRs are actually very common, and some entry-level DSLRs can be bought for as little as two or three thousand, so buying an entry-level DSLR is also a good choice.

However, before buying, we need to understand classification of SLR cameras of two main brands. Among camera brands, entry-level DSLRs can be bought for as little as two to three thousand dollars, while professional DSLRs are just a camera without a lens. Cameras cost tens of thousands of dollars, so we need to be optimistic about our needs before buying new ones.

What are 4 different digital cameras? How should we choose?

Current camera brands are mainly Canon and Nikon, among which Canon cameras are rated mostly by numbers. The 1300D, for example, is simplest entry-level camera and is priced under RMB 3,000. Then there is a three-digit rating. For example, a camera called 700D is also an entry-level camera, but its performance is much higher than that of 1300D. Of course, price is also much more expensive. The next level is double-digit 70D, 80D, etc. Compared with above cameras, this is another step up, and finally there are single-digit cameras. The performance of this digital camera is best, and price is also high. The most expensive, so a beginner to this level should not pay attention.

Next is Nikon. In terms of camera rankings, Nikon and Canon are similar in ranking, but Nikon has D in lead. According to order from entry-level to high-end, it is three-digit, two-digit. digit and unambiguous. Single digits are most expensive. Like Canon, price of Nikon cameras is similar, but it should be noted that focus of two brands is somewhat different: Nikon is more suitable for shooting landscapes, Canon is more suitable for portraits, so when buying a camera, you should choose according to your needs. Need to buy, consider whether you want to shoot more people or more landscapes.

What are 4 different digital cameras? How should we choose?

2. Microsingle

Mirrorless is not actually name of this type of camera. This type of camera should be referred to as "mirrorless camera" and mirrorless camera is just a trademark suggested by Sony. Strictly speaking, only a Sony mirrorless camera can be called a mirrorless camera. But since Sony just made this claim without registration, all mirrorless cameras can now be called mirrorless cameras.

An DSLR is similar to a DSLR and same lens can be used between them, but difference is that an DSLR has a reflector that can reflect light to main focusing part and a pentascopic mirror, while A mirrorless SLR does not have a reflector. reflect light. It can only focus through touch viewfinder, so compared to SLR, mirrorless single is more dependent on camera's electronic system.

What are 4 different digital cameras? How should we choose?

3. Card machine

The card camera is a very compact camera, but lens of card camera cannot be replaced, and for this reason, card camera is often regarded as a camera used by amateurs, and one day it will be replaced by a mobile camera. phone has been replaced. But in fact, mobile phone lens is now developing, and card machine is also developing. Now there are high-end card machines, and price reaches tens of thousands. Of course, cheapest card machine can be bought for more than one thousand. It depends on person. Demand appears .

What are 4 different digital cameras? How should we choose?

4. Sidebar

The rangefinder camera is same size as card camera, but it cannot focus automatically. However, for this reason, a rangefinder camera does not have limitations of a focal baseline and a mirror. An angle lens can be made very close to film, so it can use a rangefinder camera if you need a big image. Another thing to know is that there are not as many brands of rangefinder cameras as there are cameras. Among rangefinder cameras, only Leica is worth mentioning, so if someone wants to buy a rangefinder camera, then first thing to do is Leica rangefinder camera.

After all, in line with current mainstream of cameras, among these four cameras, it is recommended to choose between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, and if you just want to use it for travel, then I suggest you choose a record-level camera, because for beginners, no matter how top-end camera is, it is no different from a mobile phone.