Intel will make adjustments to the brand, Core Ultra is coming

The Intel Core brand has over 17 years of history. Among them, naming methods of Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 are very classic and are over 15 years old and very well recognized. in shop.

However, with release of 14th Gen Core Meteor Lake series, Intel will likely take this opportunity to adjust product naming and repackage the Core brand.

Intel will make adjustments to the brand, Core Ultra is coming

In early May of this year, Intel's director of global communications, Bernard Fernandez, confirmed on social media that with our client products at a tipping point, we decided to make new adjustments to our brand strategy to prepare for upcoming Meteor. Lake Processor.

Recently, Ash of Singularity's DX12 test game featured a processor named CoreUltra51003H, which is clearly a different naming convention from previous Core processor.

In future, Intel Core processors may say goodbye to names such as Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 and adopt naming practices such as Core Ultra5 and Core Ultra7 to further differentiate class and position of processor.

Editor's comment. Meteor Lake is a 14th generation Intel Core processor that will be available in second half of this year. It is designed primarily for mobile platforms, based on Intel4 process technology, and uses a small chip package that has changed a lot from 13th generation Core Raptor Lake series. If 14th generation Core has greatly improved performance and power consumption, this is indeed a good time to rebrand.