10 tips to extend life of mobile phones and learn how to save money on replacement phones

As an editor, author often receives questions about mobile phones. Many consumers hope that their favorite mobile phones can be used for several more years and will justify their price. However, as time of use increases, mobile phone will not only become more and more sluggish, but battery life will inevitably decrease. Although these losses cannot be completely avoided, they can still be increased through maintenance.

There may be "car friends" who have always paid little attention to these skills, and complained "I use mobile phones, not mobile phones", but author believes that you cannot use these skills, but there are do not belittle them. Everyone has their own philosophy of using machine. Without further ado, let's get started.

1 Batteries

To prolong life of your mobile phone, use battery properly.

Currently, mainstream mobile phones use lithium batteries, and measure of their life is "number of cycles", which can simply be understood as number of "full charges and discharges at same time". It consumes 60% power, consumes 40% power at one time, and consumes 100% power when summed up. In same way, charge it several times until it reaches 100%.

Therefore, users do not have to wait until phone drops below 10% before charging it, or unplug it after charging to 100% when using a mobile phone in everyday life.

As number of mobile phone cycles increases, battery becomes more and more "discharged", and there may even be cases where phone suddenly turns off while playing games. If you still do not want to change your phone, you can contact phone's customer service to find out cost of replacing battery. The price is usually a few hundred yuan, and Apple users may be more familiar with it. aspect.

Insufficient heat dissipation while phone is charging can cause phone to become hot, and excessive heat can permanently damage battery. Currently, it is recommended to take some measures to cool your mobile phone, including removing case from your mobile phone, placing it on a glass or wooden table, or even wiping it with damp paper. towel, etc. Similarly, try not to charge when mobile gaming environment is heavily loaded to reduce the "hot+hot" phenomenon.

10 tips to extend life of mobile phones and learn how to save money on replacement phones

For this reason, some mobile phones have a "bypass charging" feature. Once turned on, power supply will only charge system and stop charging mobile phone. This will greatly reduce heat dissipation. and improve game performance. You can turn it on if necessary.

Finally, Try using original phone charging adapter. The compatible protocol not only charges faster, but is also safer.

2 Fluency

After a long time, mobile phone may freeze more and more. Sometimes mobile phone process takes up 60% of memory, which is very annoying. Here are some tips:

Disable automatic launch of rarely used applications. Some applications in mobile phone are rarely used, and author recommends disabling their autorun. In real operation, system of each brand of mobile phone is slightly different, but there is a general method: open settings, type "autostart" in search box above, and you can basically find it.

10 tips to extend life of mobile phones and learn how to save money on replacement phones

Blocking these apps will not only save battery power, but also prevent them from stealing personal information in background.

Update your mobile operating system properly. This may be unusual for iPhone users, but for domestic brand mobile phones, system updates can generally provide a smoother experience. For example, many users have complained that system upgrades will cause "chip frequency reduction", but this is also a measure for manufacturers to adjust working condition of mobile phones, and can also extend life of mobile phones.

Clear your phone memory/expand memory in time. Existing mobile phone system generally provides a cleaning function that is more reliable than third-party cleaning tools. If you have free storage space, it is also recommended to enable memory expansion feature and the actual test will be effective.

10 tips to extend life of mobile phones and learn how to save money on replacement phones

3 practical articles

Finally, let's introduce a few points that you need to pay attention to in everyday use of mobile phones:

IP68 doesn't mean it's completely waterproof. At present, many high-end flagship models support IP68 dust and water resistance, but this does not mean that mobile phone can be immersed in water arbitrarily. Take iPhone 14 series as an example. Apple's official website clearly states that its design can support "up to 30 minutes underwater at a depth of 6 meters", and its protective performance will also be affected by prolonged use. use should be as much as possible Keep away from water sources.

10 tips to extend life of mobile phones and learn how to save money on replacement phones

Install protective cover. The texture of a mobile phone is of course important, but a good protective case is still needed to protect mobile phone, and removing case also contributes to heat dissipation of mobile phone.

Install a tempered film/do not wipe screen directly with alcohol spray as alcohol may damage protective film coating and shorten life of coating.

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