[Popular scientific knowledge] General composition of mobile phones

At present, there are various mobile phones on market, and every year thousands of new mobile phones with different shapes and functions are released. However, in terms of structural types, following five types are generally distinguished:

1. monoblock

2. Folding bed

3. Slide Slide

4. Folding swivel folding and swivel

5. Monoblocks and Rotary

With development of technology and advent of Iphone, straight smartphones are now popular, sometimes you can see one or two clamshells, and sliders and rotary smartphones have almost disappeared. In this article, we will introduce you to basic device of a mobile phone, taking a general direct machine as an example.

The structure of an ordinary mobile phone mainly includes several functional modules: housing assembly (Housing), printed circuit board (PCBA), TP&display (LCD), antenna (Antenna), keyboard (keypad), battery (Battery), etc. d. . Below is a exploded view of a typical mobile phone:

[Popular scientific knowledge] General composition of mobile phones

For direct type mobile phones, main typical structural elements are:

1. Touch screen (TP) and LCD display module

2. Phone network

3. Front panel

4. PCB Module

5. Standard parts such as speaker, speaker, FPC, coaxial cable, etc.

6. Light sensor, infrared lamp

7. Press keyboard/side key

8. Elastic domed metal button

9. Rear body

10. Battery

11.Battery cover

12. Screw/Nut Screw/Nut

13. Double adhesive tape/sticker

14. Rear Camera Rear Camera

15. LED flash

16. Front camera in front of camera

17. Fingerprint device


For a straight machine that does not change body, usually use 4 to 6 M1.6-M2.0 screws to fasten front and back of body, and also use 4 to 6 pairs of carabiners on side and top to strengthen shell .Connection between themselves and uniformity of artistic seam. The screw posts inside case will pass through corresponding holes on PCB, and fins of ribs will be used to position and fix PCB. The metal phone, which is now popular in market, has led to absence of a battery cover, that is, back panel and battery cover of mobile phone are replaced by a metal bottom panel at same time;

As for foldable (slider) mobile phone, we can assume that it consists of two bar machines, one of which is a clamshell (slider) and other is main part. A foldable mobile phone can reduce length of a mobile phone by placing display screen on part of clamshell, avoiding being located next to keyboard. The structural connection between two parts is realized by rotation of hinge, and circuit connection between folding part and main part is realized through flexible FPC. The FPC passes through shaft hole channel of shaft part body and connects with main circuit board with flip part of circuit board. The opening and closing angle of flip cover is usually about 160 degrees. At same time, version with a foldable mobile phone also has a swivel loop.

With regard to design and selection of aforementioned various structural parts and electromechanical components, there is experience worth following. As long as you study other people's projects more, learn more new processes and structures, and analyze problems from different angles. and solve them. If you find right way to solve a problem, you can gain a wealth of experience that will be useful to you in future design process. Subsequent articles will gradually introduceene functions of each device and design features;