Practical knowledge of mobile phones.

First small function: press and hold APP on phone, not only uninstall APP, but also use functions of APP without entering APP. For example, press and hold WeChat app, you can directly use WeChat to scan, send and receive, pay, and open my QR code. Is it convenient and fast?

Second little feature: When screen is off, press volume down key twice to quickly open camera. After turning on camera, press volume button to quickly take pictures and record videos.

Third small function: Press volume down button and power button at same time to quickly take a screenshot. With this, three or two fingers slide down screen at same time, and you can quickly take a screenshot.

Fourth small feature: mobile phone often disables unused features such as positioning, Bluetooth, wireless networking and NFC. , which will cause power of mobile phone to drop very slowly, and mobile phone is especially energy-saving. In areas with poor signal, mobile phone will consume a lot of power. When you go to play in mountains, you should pay attention to power of your mobile phone.

The fifth small function: when using a mobile phone for a long time, there is no need to frequently clear memory of garbage. At same time, you can also press and hold bottom of screen for a long time and then drag up, software running in background will be cleared, which can improve speed of phone.

Sixth small function: press and hold bottom of screen, swipe left to quickly switch to previous app interface, and swipe right to quickly enter next app interface.

Seventh small function: press and hold an image or video to enter edit mode. In edit mode, you can decorate images or videos, add text, remove watermarks, add scenes, etc. Pretty much a trial PS mini tool.

Eighth small feature: Now all mobile phones have their own projection function, and you can project movies and videos to smart devices such as large screens and TVs without downloading apps. If mobile phone also has an infrared function, it can also be used as a remote control for TV, air conditioner and refrigerator, but you need to download corresponding application on mobile phone.

Ninth small function: turn on flashlight when screen is off, you need to find gesture in settings, and then turn on flashlight when screen is off at prompt. Older people can also set font size in mobile because font is small.

Tenth small function: raise pipesku, screen becomes brighter, this is also a small function in phone settings. You can force restart your phone by pressing and holding volume down button and power button at same time for 10 seconds.

The above features are just tip of iceberg for Android phones. Do you know any fast and convenient mobile phone features? Please leave a message and let me know.