Top ten little smart phone knowledge, read and learn knowledge

1 Why is a mobile phone called "cell phone" in English?

This is because mobile communication network consists of many hexagonal cells (cells), usually each base station has three cells, and each cell serves a specific area.

2 Cell phone signal is better at night.

3 The power consumption of mobile phones is mainly related to SIM card used.

4 When using a mobile phone on a train or bus, not only will battery drain faster, but network speed will also be slower, because higher speed, stronger signal attenuation.

5 The mobile phone also consumes power when it is in standby mode because mobile phone is constantly searching for base station signals.

6 In flight mode, mobile phone's power consumption is extremely low, and therefore charging is also faster!

7 If you are concerned about base station radiation, you can check it yourself using your mobile phone.

Apple IOS

Press phone hotkey in main interface, enter dialing interface, enter *3001#12345#*, and then press call button, a pop-up page will appear, and at same time, original signal grid number is displayed on upper left corner of screen phone. It will directly tell you how many dBm is measured signal strength of base station.

AndroidAndroid system

Enter dialing interface, enter *#*#4636#*#* to quickly enter engineering Test mode. Click "Mobile Information" in menu and value displayed after text "Signal Strength" will be signal strength of base station. (Mobile phones from different manufacturers may have different expressions on last page, and some low-end smartphones may not fulfill requests.)

8 In a 4G network, number of mobile phone signal bands is not absolute. Using mobile phone signal strength to estimate network speed is inaccurate.

9 Do you like speed measurement software (eg Speedtest) to measure internet speed? In fact, this speed is not accurate!

Speedtest's speed measurement actually only shows carrier's wireless bandwidth + transmission bandwidth, that is, speed of distance from your mobile phone to carrier's core network (carrier's computer room), but website you are connecting to may provide Bandwidth and speed are out of range of Speedtest display speed.

Top ten little smart phone knowledge, read and learn knowledge

10 Why is Internet speed sometimes slower?

In general, more people browsing Internet at same time in same area, slower speed will be, but this is not limited to this. The speed of mobile Internet access is influenced by many factors, main of which are related to operator's network (network standard / specification, bandwidth between base station and core network, bandwidth of core network itself, etc.), signal coverage (quantity and distance to base stations) and resource sharing (number of people using Internet at same time in one base station/community), user environment (web site topography), terminal model (mobile phone processor specifications and network characteristics that it can support, etc.), insufficient bandwidth or excessive load of target website, etc.