Promoting knowledge about mobile phones and buying strategies

The following full text is a mobile phone buying strategy that I wrote so that you can choose most suitable and favorite mobile phone without losing money.

This article has been updated for a long time, just to help you choose your favorite mobile phone.

Since iphone4s, I have been into digital technology for over 10 years. Let me first conclude: there is no absolute standard for buying a mobile phone, it is best choice that suits you.

Contents: 1. Popularizing knowledge of mobile phones 2. What parameters should be considered when buying a mobile phone 3. Which mobile phone to buy if you have needs 4. Displaying mobile phones at different prices

To make it easier for you to read, I have listed directory at beginning. If you don't want to read previous friends, you can scroll down to see latest shopping guide.

Of course, for friends who are willing to read on, I will also talk about my experience of buying mobile phones to help you avoid pitfalls. Choose best mobile phone for you and your family.

Next, let's get down to business. I will guide you on relevant knowledge of mobile phone products, guide you through purchasing skills, and let you choose mobile phone you like.

1. Popularization of knowledge about mobile phones

Currently, there are three common types of mobile phones on market: Apple series mobile phones equipped with ios system, others are mobile phones equipped with Android operating system, and mobile phones equipped with Hongmeng operating system.

ios is operating system used by Apple mobile devices, all ipads and iphones use this system. Unix-like commercial operating system.

Our impression of Apple mobile is that it's smooth and doesn't get stuck. In fact, in addition to powerful hardware performance of Apple mobile phone, ios system is also an important reason for smooth operation of Apple mobile phone. telephone.

In addition, ios has developed low-level hardware, firmware, and high-level OS functions to ensure security of mobile phone data.

Even though ios is secure and smooth, there are two sides to everything. The downside of ios is that it's closed. Apple users must feel that even wallpaper did not support replacement at beginning, of course, now it is gradually being opened, and functions are very complete.

The Android operating system is an operating system developed by Google. Google first acquired Android's parent company and then became owner of Android system.

The Android system is a free and open source operating system based on Linux kernel, which is mainly used for mobile phonesov and tablets. What does this offer mean? That is, Android is very open, as long as it is authorized by Google, mobile phone manufacturers can use it. Internal Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, vivo, etc. use Android system.

The advantage of open source is that there are so many features that manufacturers can create them themselves according to their own terms. The most famous of them is MIUI. But freedom has its price.

What is price of freedom? When we use Android mobile phones, we find that longer we use them, more they freeze, and we have to carefully weed out unwanted virus software, which is lower in security and fluency than ios.

Hongmeng OS is a microkernel-based distributed operating system developed by Huawei for all scenarios. So what are benefits of Hongmeng system?

Hongmeng's advantage is that it can connect with mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, industrial automation controls, self-driving driving, automotive equipment and smart wearable devices. In coming era of Internet, power of everything is limitless.

Because this is a new system, only downside is that ecology is not perfect and it takes time to improve.

2. What parameters should be considered when buying a mobile phone?

What parameters should be considered when buying a mobile phone? Pay attention to appearance and workmanship, screen, system performance, imaging system and battery life.

3. Choose which mobile phone you need

Let me elaborate on my purchase suggestions below. When buying a mobile phone, you should choose it according to your actual needs. Before buying, we need to understand following questions?

First, why did we choose this phone?

If you are looking for system fluency, such as playing games, and aim for maximum performance, then smoothness of mobile phone's operating system and mobile phone's hardware configuration are decisive factors. In this case, iphone12 series is recommended because Apple mobile phones are too powerful for gaming.

If you like to watch dramas and use audio-visual features of mobile phones, we recommend Xiaomi Mi 11ultra.

If you are looking for fast charging and a large battery, then we recommend buying Huawei mate 40 pro. However, due to well-known reasons, Huawei mobile phones are now really difficult to buy. If you see them in stock, get them quickly.

When you buy something, you must make a budget in advance. With a budget, you can better compare products and make choices. At present, mobile phone products on market range from several hundred yuanup to tens of thousands of RMB and you get what you pay for.

Actually, you can use a mobile phone for a thousand yuan, but if you want to use a better mobile phone, you must have a certain budget.

For mobile phone industry, because there are industry-specific production costs and performance configuration standards, if you want to get best user experience, entry-level budget should not be less than 2500 yuan, otherwise it will be difficult to get best mobile phone experience.

4. Display mobile phones in different price categories

For value for money of mobile phone products, I have summarized a set of formulas based on years of experience playing with mobile phones. Value for money is equal to brand awareness X parameter configurations X budget X personal preferences.

Brand familiarity guarantees quality of mobile phone products, parameter configuration determines your mobile phone experience, your budget determines final purchase results, and personal preference determines which style of mobile phone you choose.

Each of factors mentioned above will affect cost-effectiveness weight. Influencing factors include both subjective factors (personal preferences) and objective factors (brand awareness, parameter configuration, and personal budget).

Therefore, within your budget, choose mobile phone products with relatively high brand awareness, compare benchmark performance configuration, and combine your personal preferences to make best choice.

Over past 10 years, when I've been playing with machine to understand all sorts of obscure technical parameters, I often ask my fellow tech friends and R&D staff around me about various product issues, and sometimes I get confused by technical concepts.

Honestly, all ordinary people, just buying a mobile phone product, there is no need to force yourself to be a technical engineer. Therefore, I will tell you about my many years of experience in industry research. Choosing a mobile phone product can actually be very simple.

Due to limited space, I won't expand on them one by one. If you have any questions, let me know and I will give you a reference answer as soon as possible. The above is a summary of my many years of experience in industry. If there are any new developments, I will update them in time. Welcome to add.

I hope this can be useful for you and I wish you to choose most suitable mobile phone for you.