Do you know all these common mobile phone common sense and usage skills?

Currently, when many consumers buy smartphones, they see some parameters of mobile phone, and there is a situation “illegible and they do not know what employees in store are talking about; some consumers, when using it, you will also encounter these and other problems, and express feeling that "smart phones are not so smart." First, smartphones do not mean "universal". That's for sure, but if you know about smartphones before you buy. An appropriate little common sense will reduce problems when using.

Do you know all these common mobile phone common sense and usage skills?

1. The difference between ROM and RAM

The difference between ROM and RAM is only one letter, but meanings are different. In layman's terms, a ROM is equivalent to a computer's hard drive, corresponding to physical storage capacity of a mobile phone. RAM is equivalent to a memory card in a computer, corresponding to RAM of a mobile phone, but it does not exist separately like a computer, but is integrated with processor of a mobile phone. The smartphones currently on market have a total of 32 GB of built-in memory, and amount of RAM starts from 3G memory. In short, larger space, faster mobile phone will process tasks and faster system will work.

2. Update, flash and restore

System update is done via OTA, similar to Xiaomi MIUI system update, users only need to connect to Internet to perform related operations. Flashing is best understood, which is equivalent of reinstalling a computer system in layman's terms. The reason for hang is that mobile phone does not turn on and does not enter engineering mode due to incorrect firmware. The specific rescue method depends on model.

Do you know all these common mobile phone common sense and usage skills?

3. How can I convert nominal capacity of 16 GB to 14 GB?

Lack of storage space is reflected not only in mobile phones, but also in U-disk and hard disk. So what is reason for this phenomenon? The reason for this difference between nominal and actual capacity lies in calculation method. The storage space is defined by manufacturer as 1 GB = 1000 MB, 1 MB = 1000 KB, 1 KB = 1000 bytes. The computer and mobile phone system calculation method is as follows: 1 GB = 1024 MB, 1 MB = 1024 KB, 1 KB = 1024 bytes. So 16 GB (depending on manufacturer) = 16 × 1000 MB = 16,000 MB, and after calculating with a mobile phone 16,000 MB = 16,000/1024 = 15.625 GB. capacity 14 GB Wool? Because system partition itself takes up about 1 GB of space.

4. What is OTG function?

OTG basically has two functions: connecting storage devices and reverse charging. For example, U disk, digital camera, mobile hard disk, etc. with OTG function are equivalent to unlimited memory. A smartphone with an OTG function can view images, videos, and other file content when it is connected to a mobile hard disk, USB disk, or digital camera using an OTG data cable. In addition, a smartphone with OTG function can also charge another mobile phone through an OTG data cable.

Do you know all these common mobile phone common sense and usage skills?

5. What do letters G, E, 3G, H, 4G, etc., displayed at top of mobile phone screen mean?

G refers to 2G network; E refers to EDGE network belonging to 2.75G; 3G refers to conventional 3G network; H refers to upgraded version of 3G hspa network, belonging to 3.5G; H+ refers to hspa upgrade version and refers to 3.75G, 4G network is not used. In future, there will be faster 5G, 6G and so on.

6. How to reduce mobile phone radiation?

1. Try not to make or receive calls when signal is weak

2. Keep your mobile phone away from your head when you sleep at night

3. When using a mobile phone to listen for a long time, it is best to take turns listening to left and right

4. When making a call, put phone next to your ear after connection is established

5. Try to avoid long phone conversations

6. During a call, try using speakerphone or a wired headset

Do you know all these common mobile phone common sense and usage skills?

7. Battery Charging Common Sense

The lithium battery does not need to be activated, it can be fully charged, and it does not need to reach 12 hours. Overcharging will damage battery; lithium battery has no memory effect. This will damage battery; original charger should be used, and use of defective products or universal chargers should be avoided in order to avoid irreversible consequences.

8. What should I do if mobile phone headset does not make good contact?

First, clean headphone plug with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, then insert it into hole of phone and turn it over; secondly, do not insert earphones all way, but pull earphones out a little to see if sound is better, check headphone jack and phone interface whether it matches or not Finally, if it is found that problem is with mobile phone, it does not matter need to send mobile phone to after-sales service. inspection, and do not disassemble phone recklessly.

Do you know all these common mobile phone common sense and usage skills?

9. How to take care of your mobile phone screen?

Always be especially careful when buying a new mobile phone. In fact, most fragile part of a mobile phone is screen, so how do you take care of a mobile phone screen? The method is as follows: regular cleaning, avoid oily dirt and dust into surrounding area, so as not to break; stay away from magnetic fields and static electricity; stay away from high temperatures such as fire, exposure to sun; avoid turning your phone upside down on table, dust particles on table are much more likely to scratch phone screen than keys and knives.

10. How to use NFC function in a mobile phone?

NFC is short for Near Field Communication, short range wireless technology. An NFC mobile phone refers to a mobile phone with an NFC module. A mobile phone with an NFC module can perform a variety of related applications. At present, NFC technology is mainly applied to following five categories of mobile phones: 1. Contact pass: such as access control management, tickets and tickets, etc. 2. Contact connection: such as connecting two NFC devices for point-to-point communication. - point-to-point transmission, etc. 3. View contacts: place an NFC mobile phone near an NFC-enabled smart public phone or poster to view traffic information, etc. 4. Pay with contacts: place an NFC device near a POS machine with built-in NFC module for payment 5. Download contact: user can use GPRS network to receive or download information for functions such as payment or access control.

Do you know all these common mobile phone common sense and usage skills?

The editor will provide you with a list of advanced mobile phone fingerprint recognition operations.

① Fingerprint Unlock

With fingerprint recognition, you don't need to enter a password or draw a pattern to unlock it. Just touch fingerprint recognition area with your finger to quickly unlock screen. It's so simple and clear.

② Privacy Protection

There are always some secrets in every mobile phone. Move files you don't want others to see into folders with a privacy lock. After simple settings, privacy lock becomes your "safe" and your files remain at your disposal.


To ensure that you use app securely, you can set it to ask for fingerprint verification when you open app. The operation steps are as follows: click "Phone Manager" - "App Lock" and set app lock. you need. Thus, even if your mobile phone is stolen, thief will be helpless if he wants to open it. It can be said that this is double protection after unlocking screen.

④ Mobile payment

Needless to say, all car lovers enjoy convenience of going outside without a wallet. To make purchases, you just need to scan QR code and pay with touch of a finger. The posture is more attractive and action is faster. Of course, spending money is also faster.

⑤ Shooting shutter

Sometimes when we take pictures with one hand, we have to hold phone firmly and press screen to take a picture. Currently, you only need to set up fingerprint shooting, and you can take pictures by pressing fingerprint sensor with your finger while shooting. (applicable to some models)

⑥ Answer incoming calls

Set up fingerprint to answer call, press and hold fingerprint sensor on incoming call interface to answer call, and it can be done with one hand at a time, which is very convenient. (applicable to some models)

Show notification bar

Usually, to view contents of notification panel, we have to hold phone with one hand and drag down notification panel with other finger. In fact, on fingerprint sensor, you only need to swipe down to display system notification bar and swipe up to close notification bar, which can be easily done with one hand, it's that simple. (applicable to some models)

Photo View

When viewed fromFull screen images on your phone, swipe left and right on fingerprint sensor to smoothly switch images. (applicable to some models)

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