Do you know these functions of sports bracelets?

When it comes to use of a bracelet, there is no doubt that use of a bracelet is quite large. With continuous improvement of people's living standards. People are paying more and more attention to physical health and exercise. Of course, sports accessories have also become popular.

Birth of a sports bracelet

Do you know these functions of sports bracelets?

Creating a smart bracelet is mainly about recording movements of human body, monitoring health, and forming good and scientific exercise habits. With update of solution, it extends to continuous monitoring features such as activity feedback, exercise, and sleep monitoring.

The main trend of smart bracelets in 2014 is blooming of hundreds of flowers and rivalry between hundreds of schools. Although there are many brands, they have similar functions. Although smart bracelet is not an accurate monitoring tool, main components are mainly divided into: motion sensor, battery, memory chip, Bluetooth communication module, vibration motor, display screen and motion recorder, eight cores and high technical requirements.

Basically, all major manufacturers are same, so users have no expectations, or no more breakthroughs in technology. Many manufacturers redefine important core components as appearance and playability, hoping to attract users through various concepts.

Sports bracelets are used as follows:

Do you know these functions of sports bracelets?

1. Calculate pace

The wearable device will count number of steps by implanting bumps, and then eliminate incorrect counts in a certain way to get final result. 2. Heart rate monitoringUse a reflective photoelectric sensor to collect photoelectric signals to monitor and calculate changes in pulse volume of blood, and then calculate according to relationship between blood absorption and concentration, reflecting basic parameters of human heart rate. 3. Body temperature detectionUse thermistor to convert temperature change into a change in resistance value, then use appropriate measurement circuit to convert resistance value into voltage, and then convert voltage value into a digital signal, and then digital signal can be processed accordingly to get temperature value.

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