Smartwatches could play a role in 'gathering' clues before sudden death

Source: People's Health Network

"Buzz..." When heart has atrial fibrillation or atrial fibrillation, health watch sends a vibration alarm reminder; It only takes 60 seconds to perform an OTC ECG measurement on watch. At present, these functions are implemented in domestic health smart watches in my country.

In recent years, morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases in my country have been increasing, and there are reports in newspapers about sudden death of famous actors and media workers. and protect heart health. The advent of "black technology" heart monitoring using smart wearable devices can help "detect" the hidden dangers of heart disease outside of clinical practice and timely intervention.

Smartwatches could play a role in 'gathering' clues before sudden death

Amazfit Midong Health Watch ECG Trial Screenshot

December 3, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Peking University First Hospital announced signing of a strategic cooperation memorandum with wearable device developer Huami Technology. Carry out collaborative research on cardiovascular risk assessment and early warning of population based on wearable data, and establish an online-offline integrated process for prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on wearable devices.

"There are 550,000 sudden deaths in my country every year, which is equivalent to number of people in a medium-sized district." The Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases at Peking University First Hospital stated, "Sudden death is unexpected sudden death of a person who is normally healthy or looks healthy." The whole process of sudden death took less than 1 hour, and most precious gold treatment time was only 4 minutes.

The key problem was how to "catch" evidence before sudden death and intervene in time to prevent tragedy. Li Jianping believes that wearable devices can be used by user for a long time, and multidimensional and continuous data collection can provide risk assessment, timely warning, and help life-cycle health management.

According to reports, Department of Cardiology at Peking University First Hospital and Huami Technology have previously collaborated to conduct related studies using clinical results of 12-lead electrocardiogram as "gold standard", and conducted a clinical study on 401 patients. Studies have shown that accuracy of atrial fibrillation estimation is 94.76% and 93.27%, respectively, thanks to ECG function for measuring electrocardiogram and PPG function for determining human exercise heart rate in Huami Amazfit smart wearable device.

However, this does not mean that heart monitoring function of smart wearable devices can be equated to an electrocardiogram used in clinical practice in hospitals. In recent years, as consumers pay more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle, wearable devices related to health management, such as portable blood glucose meters and wrist electronic blood pressure monitors, have entered market. It should be noted that these devices can be divided into medical and consumer devices according to different efficiency criteria. According to Huami's disclosure, company's previously released product set of health smart bracelet and chest electrode combination has received second-class medical device certification approved by State Medicines Administration, and related APP for Amazfit Midong Health Watch is currently under review. . under consideration..

Jiang Jie, chief physician of Department of Cardiology at Peking University First Hospital, believes that role of smart wearable devices goes beyond clinic. "The most typical example is atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation can only be diagnosed and treated when it occurs, but the nature of its attack is usually not recorded, and it is difficult to ensure continuous monitoring with clinical equipment in a hospital," Jiang said.