Are smartwatches an IQ tax?

In recent years, smartwatches have become very popular, and more and more smartwatches are coming to our attention. After many friends buy a smart watch, they will have a question: is this thing useful?

Are smartwatches an IQ tax?

In fact, although many people think that smartwatches are an IQ tax, we can also encounter many smartwatches in our lives. Let me sum up a few smartwatches that have become more popular now.

Apple Watch Series

As a smartwatch owned by Apple, Apple Watch has very good performance and quality. Its appearance is also relatively fashionable, using a round screen. In addition, Apple has added many practical functions to this watch, for example, we can use this watch to query some of our body's health data, and we can also use watch to call, listen to music, read messages, pay and other activities. operations. In addition, Apple Watch also has many functions in sports: it can record our running, fitness and other sports data, and even remotely view information such as incoming calls on our mobile phones.

Are smartwatches an IQ tax?

Huawei GT2 watch series

This Huawei WatchGT2 series smart watch was launched last August and is first Huawei smart watch. There are two versions of this watch: standard 46mm version and sporty 42mm version.

The difference between two versions is mainly reflected in thickness and capacity of battery.

The 46mm version of Huawei Watch GT2 has a thickness of 9.4mm and a battery capacity of 466mAh, 42mm version has a thickness of 8.7mm and a battery capacity of 456mAh. The larger battery capacity, better battery life. If you like a watch with a big screen, consider 46mm version.

Are smartwatches an IQ tax?

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series

Samsung's smartwatch series has always been unrivaled in industry, whether it's outstanding craftsmanship, quality or functionality, and Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series has taken smartwatch functionality to limit.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series smart watch has general health monitoring functions such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc., and also supports fitness exercise, breathing training, stress measurement, lifestyle monitoring, fall detection and etc. achieve more than 100 sports mode, as fitness professionals like it very much.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 also supports features such as calls, voice assistants and Bluetooth. In terms of battery life, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series can last up to 7 days with normal use and up to 16 hours with GPS enabled and sports mode.

Are smartwatches an IQ tax?

Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus Series

Fenix ​​5 Plus is a smart watch recently released by Garmin. This smart watch uses a fairly common round dial, which can display time, date, heart rate and other information.

This watch is made of OLED material, and screen can display time, date, heart rate and other information, and screen is very clear.

The battery life of this watch is also very good: in smart mode, battery life is 3 days, if power saving mode is enabled, battery life can be up to 6 days.

Performance has been improved. This watch has a metal case, which is more comfortable to wear and more versatile.

Are smartwatches an IQ tax?

Although they say that a mobile phone is enough, it must be said that smartwatches make life more convenient, and they also look very stylish as decoration and perfectly protect against theft.