What is a smart watch

There are many smartwatches on market at present, and there are many smartwatch features that we basically don't need. The following smart watches are collected for your reference.

What is a smart watch

1. Smart Bracelet This kind of smart bracelet is mainly made of rubber, it has advantage of being cheap and can be selected in different colors. Its disadvantages are also obvious: it looks cheap, rubber-like material can also cause skin allergies, harden in winter, easy to wear and age.

The obvious disadvantage of appearance is that it seems very cheap, not tall enough, not fashionable enough, not waterproof, and one more thing is that you cannot check time at any time. Key features include step counting, sleep, calories, and call reminders, and since there's no screen, battery life can last for about a month, which is very handy in that regard.

2. Smart watch (bracelet function) The smart watch bracelet function is sublimation of smart bracelet. The editor believes that such a smart watch with appearance of a traditional watch is more fashionable and practical at first glance.

The main functions of bracelet are step counting, sleep, calories, call reminders and, of course, time display. Its production process is fully in line with technical requirements of traditional watch industry, it can not be compared with first smart bracelet in terms of waterproofness and aesthetics. For watches of this type, technical requirements are also higher than for first, and further breakthroughs can be made in terms of functionality.

3. There are two types of smart watches (normal and popular). In terms of their functions, first is to turn a functional phone into a watch shape, second is to make a real smart watch. ;

In terms of appearance, there are two types: square and round. The biggest difference between functional smartwatches is that you can't accidentally install software. Smartphones can install software at will, which is very convenient. Of course, smart watches are also better than feature phones, watches are expensive, their function is same as that of a mobile phone, and their biggest drawback is their battery life, which basically needs to be charged once a day.

4. Smart watch with special (medical) functions

From point of view of market, smart medical care is indeed a direction worthy of attention. In addition to counting steps of health and monitoring sleep, main functions of medical smart bracelets are: measuring blood pressure, heart rate / pulse, blood sugar, blood oxygen, etc. However, As for present, ideal is very happy, but reality is very skinny. Blood pressure and heart rate are monitored by light perception. As for its current technology, current monitoring data has no medical reference value, and error rate is as high as 10%. At this stage, a smartwatch that measures blood pressure and heart rate is just a gimmick, and before it can be useddamn, it's still a long way off.

5. Essential smart watch for outdoor sports

In addition to functional watches mentioned above, there are still some needs of segmented market. This product is entirely based on a segmented market. Its main functions are positioning, air pressure monitoring, temperature measurement, PM value monitoring, altitude, altitude, SOS, step counting, sports posture recognition, etc. It is very useful for friends who love outdoor activities ,