As technology expands possibilities of virtual reality, can glasses change world?

Some people say that best experience with VR smart glasses is comparison between putting them on and taking them off, which is completely different from world. I think that those who have seen movie "Ready Player One" should know what it's like.

In 2018 sci-fi film Ready Player One, directed by Spielberg, while characters in it are wearing smart virtual reality glasses, they can instantly enter another extremely realistic world called Oasis. In virtual game world, in this virtual world, they can perform various social activities such as racing and adventure, and everything that happens here will have a real touch experience for real people, which is very exciting.

As technology expands possibilities of virtual reality, can glasses change world?

The same is true in real life. When you wear VR smart glasses, you can also enter a virtual world that is so realistic that you feel totally immersed. to play with all my heart, or go to a celebrity concert, even swim in sea like a fish, or soar freely in sky like a bird...

Looking at it from this angle, VR glasses are really cool and fun. It goes without saying that such digital products should be warmly received by public. Why did they become a toy for only a few people, and not smartphones? thousands of households?

Why haven't virtual reality glasses become popular?

For popularization, VR glasses are also called VR headsets. The display principle is that left and right eye screens display images of left and right eyes respectively, and receive these different information through human eyes and generate a three-dimensional effect in mind.

A simple understanding is that a computer or other intelligent computing device is used to simulate a 3D virtual world, and then a head-mounted display device (i.e., virtual reality goggles) is used to cover people's sight and hearing. outside world and help users create feeling of being in a virtual environment.

In current market, we can see three types of virtual reality glasses: external headsets, built-in headsets and mobile headsets.

As technology expands possibilities of virtual reality, can glasses change world?

Among them, head-mounted external display is best product among virtual reality devices, which can provide best virtual reality experience. However, this type of device only has a separate display device and requires connection to a high performance computer to use it. The head-mounted all-in-one display device is more common. It is a product that combines a mobile phone and a mobile phone box. Generally speaking, it can provide users with ability to view virtual reality content without other devices, so it is very portable . .

In fact, VR goggles have been in development for decades and many companies have entered field. However, reason smart VR glasses have not been widely adopted is that they are not yet ready for big market explosion.

1) Immersive glasses are expensive.

Price has to be main reason something isn't widely used. Because it is high price that blocks a large number of people interested in this industry.

The VR audience tends to be tech enthusiasts, and these users are often looking for best experience possible. At present, immersive virtual reality glasses in market must have a resolution higher than 4K, and 4K resolution is very important for chips, and optical system is of very high quality. requirements, so this device is not cheap.

As technology expands possibilities of virtual reality, can glasses change world?

Search for "VR glasses" on and you will see that price of VR glasses with high ratings and good user experience has reached tens of thousands. And this price is destined to become just a carnival for a small number of people. Just like when 5G first hit market, 5G mobile phones were too expensive for most mainstream consumers and few consumers got to try them out.

Of course, there are also cheap virtual reality glasses, but experience of product is far from immersive, so ordinary consumers cannot welcome it, which also makes it difficult for virtual reality technology to penetrate lives of ordinary people.

2) Technology is underdeveloped

In fact, reason for high cost of VR glasses is not only cost of materials, but also immaturity of technology.

According to media reports, many users experience dizziness after using VR goggles. Industry insiders have pointed out that this is due to technical defects, causing virtual reality glasses to fail to bring display screen in line with user's viewing angle, resulting in delays, and this will be reflected in user's brain to show that observed screen is different from actual one. movement. matching state, this state is similar to seasickness.

As technology expands possibilities of virtual reality, can glasses change world?

For example, when you put on VR goggles for a game, you obviously waved your hand, but this action did not take place in virtual world, or it was delayed for several seconds, which will cause brain to feel dizzy.

In addition, for technical reasons, virtual reality glasses are much larger and heavier than regular glasses. If you wear them for a long time, bridge of your nose will experience a lot of pressure. I believe that wearing regular glasses will also feel uncomfortable on bridge of nose, people will feel about same.

3) Improper use can lead to myopia

Although virtual reality glasses can allow people to see more three-dimensional and brighter colors in virtual world clearly, but because screen emits a certain amount of blue light, prolonged use may cause eye fatigue, irritation. eyes, dizziness and other symptoms, and even cause myopia and aggravate degree of myopia.

In other words, improper use of VR glasses can cause permanent damage to human eye. After all, no matter which screen, long-term use will cause loss of vision, not to mention display screen of VR glasses is less than 10 centimeters from eyes, and it will naturally be uncomfortable to be exposed to blue light for a long time.

As technology expands possibilities of virtual reality, can glasses change world?

Of course, if people already suffering from myopia use it for a long time, it is easy to cause visual fatigue, dry eyes, eye pain, etc., and even aggravate degree of myopia. However, excitement of game often makes it difficult for players to tell time, so myopic friends should not use VR glasses for too long during day.

Where will virtual reality glasses go in future?

Indeed, there are still some problems with current VR glasses, such as need to support additional hardware, price is too high, and technology is not mature enough. Therefore, for most consumers, VR glasses still belong to a one-time digital product - it's not only what everyone wants.

But we need to know that VR glasses not only provide us with digital products for entertainment games, but also can meet more application scenarios such as medical treatment, military affairs, education, etc., and play a big role. .

As technology expands possibilities of virtual reality, can glasses change world?

For example, when VR goggles match military, they can keep soldiers in a safe environment, but they can simulate situation on battlefield and simulate various possible enemy attacks in it, allowing soldiers to receive very favorable training. Or, when VR goggles are combined with medicine, various complex surgical scenarios can be simulated, allowing doctors to perform operations in virtual world and provide better care to more patients.

It can be seen that advantage of virtual reality lies in sense of immersion. If virtual reality glasses can realize above things, then virtual reality will definitely change people's lives in future.


In fact, development of any technology has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to technical problems that must be solved in development of technology itself, there are also various problems that users encounter in process of applying technology, and even impact on people's own thinking and behavior.

If VR goggles are to become a necessity for everyone, like smartphones, they must meet three requirements, just like smartphones: hardware must be light and beautiful enough, control method revolutionary, and interesting content enough and sufficient.

At present, ascending and descending virtual reality industry has gradually matured and formed on a large scale. Many technical issues are no longer rigid boundaries that limit development of virtual reality. Thanks to development of technology, a lot of virtual reality glasses have appeared on market. whether it's functionality, comfort or control. The experience is so much better. In short, virtual reality technology is still under development, and I believe that in future distance between virtual reality and reality will become closer.