Pros and cons of virtual reality glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses, also known as VR Headsets, are also known as key wearer of Metaverse due to their immersive experience and sense of visual immersion.

Pros and cons of virtual reality glasses

Images of virtual reality glasses

However, as a key entry in current phase of metaverse or an important entry, VR goggles have many advantages and disadvantages in actual use. Let me introduce them one by one:

One, profit

  • Compared with ordinary PC and mobile phone displays, virtual reality glasses have visual fusion technology, which can make displayed images more intuitive and three-dimensional, and create a touch-sensitive real scene for consumers and power users, a stronger sense of space< /li >
  • Most virtual reality glasses have built-in gyroscopes, GPS and other modules that are used to sense head movements and even eyeball movements. They have certain somatosensory capabilities in metaverse applications and scenes.
  • Second, disadvantages

  • Due to limitations of modern technology, it is easy to cause visual fatigue and dizziness, which is also a key point that makes modern virtual reality glasses difficult to popularize.
  • The operation is carried out using a handle, which is inconvenient. Although feeling is addictive, operation is more difficult than that of a mobile phone, and real immersive effect is not realized.
  • It is difficult to guarantee weight, size, and battery life of a device. Most VR glasses have short battery life and are inconvenient to carry due to their size and weight.